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Get in touch with us by phone or email and share with us your problems. Personal contact is appreciated.
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Let us know about your problems and what help you need. The meeting will be organized at your convenience.
Assessment of opportunities
We evaluate our capabilities and provide you with information about the possible ways to solve the problem.
Personal assistance
Appoint a member of our team to take over your case. Professional assistance in solving problems.
Contract and power of attorney
Signing a contract and Representation Agreement to present you in front of government institutions.
Specification of fees
Specification of fees and commissions. Creating an effective action plan and allocation and task scheduling.
Cheers! Your problem is solved
Responsive and expeditious solution to your problems. Đ•nsuring responsive problem resolution from Expats-Help

Insurance services

Full coverage and all insurance services through a single point of contact.

Expats Help is an independent assistant for expatriate health insurance, travel insurance, term life and income protection. We provide a personal service to individuals and groups and work on behalf of clients, offering unbiased advice to help them find the best and most cost effective insurance.

Assistance in issuing insurance, property insurance policies or equipment. We work with all insurance companies. We assist with any insurance event in obtaining full compensation.

Expatriate insurance policies are designed to cover financial and other losses incurred by expatriates while living and working in a country other than ones own. Insurance should be arranged prior to relocating to a new country or destination.

Expatriate health insurance is designed for those who are living and working abroad. It is designed to give you and your family access to the best healthcare possible, wherever you are in the world.
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