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Legalisation services

We provide legalisation and consular services for private clients.

We provide legalisation and consular services for clients ranging from law-firms to corporate service providers and private clients.

Assistance with issuance of ID cards, passports and certificates. Translation and legalization of documents.

Documents are important because it serves as a legal and binding record that serves as proof that might be necessary to be presented to a governing authority for whatever legal purpose it may serve. There are a lot of different types of documents, most of them government issued such as passports, naturalization documents, visas. Some are employer issued such as work permits and certificates of employments. Others are educational certificates that prove the educational and academic attainment of an individual. Indeed, there are different documents that serve different purposes, but a document is only useful if proven to be legit or genuine. The Bulgarian government present in all allied countries requires documents to carry Apostille certification so that they can be assured that the document of an individual is genuine.

Government Documents such as visa, passport copies, naturalization certificate, customs certificate, birth certificate etc.
Corporate Documents such as letters of incorporation, company house documents, certification of incorporation etc.
Bank Documents such as statements of accounts, deed of sale, mortgage certificate or any real estate related documents, etc.
Civil Documents marriage certificates, civil union certificates, separation documents etc.
Religious Documents
Medical Documents such as medical reports, doctor prescriptions, medical records, sick note etc.
Educational Documents such as certification from the school attended, diploma, transcript of records, certification of completion etc.
Personal Documents such as employment certificates, last will and testament, utility bills among others.
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